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What is Team Enhancement

Finding the right people fast is always hard! You might need to develop a new project but your internal team is overwhelmed with tasks, you might want to build an MVP to get funding and then build up your internal team. Either way, with Team Enhancement you can augment your team for a period of time with one or more experts without the hiring hassle or the additional employee cost.

Build your product faster

Why should you enhance your team?


Our resources are "plug & play". They instantly become part of your team and start adding value on day one! When your project finishes, or if you need a different expertise, you can scale up and down easily.


Save up on recruitment cost & time

No need for hiring recruiters or spending months in research and interviews to find the real experts. We have already done the searching and interviewing for you. One less thing to worry about!

Save up on recruitment cost & time

Experience & Expertise

You don't have to train resources internally. Our engineers come with batteries included!

They all have extensive experience in a variety of industries, bringing best practices along with them.

Experience & Expertise

Full Control & Zero Risk

You have full control over the new resources. Our engineers are fully managed by you, and follow your team's goals.

During our 2-week trial period you can ask for a replacement if you are not happy. Zero risk! :)

Full Control & Zero Risk

When are you getting the most value?

At max capacity

You need to develop new features fast and your internal team is fully occupied

Hard to find expertise

You're launching a project requiring an expertise that no one in your team possesses, and hiring a permanent staff member would be costly and challenging.

To hit your deadline

Your project is quite large, and you will require more programmers to complete it by the deadline.

Magnifying Glass
Interim Solution

You are in the process of hiring but until you find your ideal internal hire, you need to keep delivering features.

What sets us apart?

We shift our focus to what's really important!

Our focus is not just to have people write code. Great communication and proactive thinking really makes the difference!

Not everyone makes the cut

Results focused

Great English Level

Technical Expertise

Not everyone makes the cut

We deeply care about the quality of our engineers. Development is not a commodity. It really makes a difference who you put in your team.

Results focused

Having passed from a variety of projects, all our engineers are results focused and adapt to your team's goals.

Great English Level

Communication is key for us! Our first screening process starts with an all-around English and personality interview. We only provide engineers who are communicative and can fit well with the team.

Technical Expertise

Our rigorous technical screening only allows technically confident developers to pass through, bringing best practices from the industry to the table.


Our Process

Hiring Made Easy

Through our 4-step process we will provide you with the ideal talent in no time.

1. Understand

An expert on our team will work with you to understand your goals, technical needs, duration and current team status quo.


2. Match

We will internally search for the best match for your needs, taking into consideration the discussed technologies, seniority level and availability.

This typically takes up to 2 weeks.


3. Interview

You can optionally interview our engineer and find more about their technical experience and fit with the team.


4. Start

The new member joins your team and starts generating value from day one!

We offer a 2-week trial period, during which you can ask for a replacement if you are not happy. :)


What is your stack?

Our Technologies


MERN Stack

MEAN Stack

MEVN Stack

LAMP Stack






React Native










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Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Team Enhancement?

The most common use cases for enhancing your team are to reduce development costs (hiring and social security costs increase the total cost for the company), to find skills that the in-house team is lacking and to get extra capacity when you need to progress faster in terms of development. Whichever the case, we are here to help with experienced engineers.

How should I get the most out of the new developer? And will they work well with my team?

All of our developers have great English level and are used to integrating into existing teams. The best thing you could do is treat them as part of your team, provide as much information at the start so that they can understand the project and have regular checkpoints to assess their progress.

What we always recommend is to prepare a little bit before the onboarding of the new engineer.

  • 1. Gather up all the accesses that they will require. For example for git, database or project management tools you might be using.
  • 2. Schedule an onboarding session which will go through the general idea of the product/project.
  • 3. Schedule a technical deep-dive session in order to answer any questions related to the architecture and the code.
  • 4. Go through the development process that you are following and the steps your team is already using.

Who is managing the developers?

Once we find a good fit for you, the developer is dedicated only to your project and becomes part of your team for as long as you need them. So you are managing them as if they were your own employees. We will be doing regular catchups to see that everything is ok and if there is an admin question, we are always here to help and make sure that our collaboration works smoothly.

What if I don't like the developer's performance at the end of the 2-week trial period?

This is completely fine and we will discuss with you to understand where the problem lies. Our ultimate goal is to find you the right person that fits your company, so we will suggest a replacement candidate for that position, so that your project continues running. There is zero risk because if you decide not to continue with our services, we will refund the first 2 weeks.

What is your pricing?

We only work with developers and engineers that are a good fit to our values. Great communication level, great English level and great technical expertise. Before becoming part of our network, there are multiple vetting stages, that include spoken English and personality tests as well as technical expertise tests. Therefore, our price range reflects this and, according to their expertise level and their technical domain, you can expect prices from 55eur/hr to 70eur/hr.

Which are the risks with onboarding a developer through team enhancement?

The most common risk is that of not being able to find the specific expertise that you are looking for. We have a wide range of experts in various technologies, but if we cannot find someone who fits your standards we will tell you upfront. We will never tell you that we have someone just to start the project, if they don't have the appropriate expertise, because we honestly believe that it doesn't make sense for anyone to start a collaboration which is doomed to fail.

Is there a minimum engagement period?

Yes, there is a minimum engagement period of 2 months of full-time engagement.

Can I build a dedicated team to develop my product?

Of course! We do that very often. We'll be happy to assist you in selecting the roles you need in order to have the right mix of people to get to your goal!

Do your developers stay up-to-date with latest trends?

Our developers are working on a wide range of industries and problems, with a wide range of technologies and stacks. So they are constantly brushing up their skills with hands-on work and/or training. They also have access to tech communities in the form of Slack channels which they can tap into when there is an issue or have a question.


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