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Deichmann needed to innovate in order to attract top digital talent. Read how it became possible with the help of great design and software development.

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  • 3rd-party REST API Integration
Read how Deichmann innovates to attract top talent

Innovation is not only a priviledge of high tech startups. HR departments of large organizations, like Deichmann, need to innovate if they want to attract top talent who in turn will drive their organization forward.

Modernizing the perception of potential applicants while integrating with existing solutions, is a challenge that Deichmann was determined to confront.

Read how we helped Deichmann achieve their goals.

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Deichmann needed a new, edgy website which would promote their employer branding, allowing people to apply for cool digital jobs.


Wordpress was a natural choice here to allow easy content management and integration with Deichmann's Recruiting software via a REST API.


A modern-looking, speedy website which aims to showcase Deichmann's innovative culture and attract young talent.

The Problem

Deichmann's HR department wanted to attract top digital talent and communicate to potential applicants the push for innovation that it has been fuelling over the recent years.

Modernizing the way that potential applicants view the organization and ensuring that the implementation reflects this modernization and at the same time integrates with existing systems, was a must-have that could make or break the project.


An employer branding that screams innovation required a web design that goes beyond the usual presentation. Turning this complex design into a pixel perfect website that works in all browsers and devices is a challenge that we gladly accepted.

Apart from the visual aspect of things, analyzing and integrating with Deichmann's 3rd-party application software allowed us to showcase our adaptability and technical skills.

The Process

Since we are talking about employer branding, one of the main aspects was to create a design that makes the potential applicant imagine him/herself working in a great environment!

Our partner Silberpuls made an excellent job analyzing Deichmann's branding needs through various workshops and producing a final design that conveys that feeling of "coolness" and innovation, essential to attracting new talent.

Valuedriven was called in to consult on the technology aspect and implement the final solution.

Since the requirements were to be able to modify content in multiple languages and also integrate with Deichmann's 3rd party application management software, Wordpress was an obvious choice for us.

With communication and the ability to adapt to our needs, Valuedriven quickly implemented the project and achieved our goals. The team works fast, is solution oriented and did a great job!
Marco Banning

Employer Branding Expert @ Deichmann


A mix of technologies were used. Wordpress was chosen as a framework for easily allowing the Administrator to modify content and manage the website. Building the website on a proven framework, where we have years of experience was the obvious choice here.

JavaScript and jQuery were used for creating the application form. Creating a dynamically interactive application form was key to the purpose of the branding, that's why we proposed to develop an modern-looking application form which moved through various steps in a fun and interactive way.

Finally, we used REST to get the job offer data and submit applications to the Recruitment software backend, handle errors and retries.

Available on all devices

Our specialty is responsive design and allowing the design to adapt to the user's device. CSS Media queries and responsive HTML5 images elements, improve the user experience and allow great look & feel on all devices.

Multilingual Support

Working with the WPML plugin allowed us to support multiple languages over all configurable elements of the website, giving the administrator an easy way to handle translations.


We are always very focused on page speed and therefore our team installed caching and image optimization plugins, which are serving images in next-gen formats like webp, lazy loads images, resulting in a smoother user experience for the website's visitors and potential applicants.

Our aim was to reach a GTMetrix A grade and Google Pagespeed score above 80.

Following best practices, our team installed caching and image optimization plugins, which are serving images in next-gen formats like webp, lazy loads images, resulting in a smoother user experience for the website's visitors and potential applicants.

Finally, our team integrated a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to the website, drastically improving the user experience and increasing the responsiveness of the website.

The Outcome

The main goal of this project was for Deichmann to be able to attract top digital talent. Since the launch of the website, a lot of applicants are now flocking to apply for digital positions in Essen and appreciate Deichmann's innovation push!

A fast website creates a great user experience and helps SEO. After our pagespeed improvements, the Google PageSpeed Insights gives a score of 94 on desktop.

More than half of the users are now accessing the website and applying for jobs via a mobile device. The website's responsive design makes the website accessible by all modern devices.

What's next?

Innovation never ends!

Deichmann is a trendsetter organization and continouasly searches for new ways to innovate in employer branding. We are helping this great Deichmann team throughout their journey towards innovation, whether it is adding new functionalities to make the application process easier and more fun, gathering statistics for key KPIs or improving existing infrastructure.